The distillery

The distillery

Makryonitis Syros Distillery is a microdistillery established in 2017. It is located on Syros Island- in the Cycladic complex, in the Aegean Sea. Its main activity is the distillation of grape pomace from the Cycladic islands.

The varieties that we use are Assyrtiko, Serfitiko and Monemvasia, all collected from the sunny and windswept islands of Syros, Santorini, Tinos, Serifos and Paros. In 2020 we were the first in Greece to produce a pioneer distillate made from fresh figs all collected from Syros Island. In addition, an important activity for the distillery is the maturation of tsipouro in oak barrels and the production of ouzo and mastiha. Using updated technology and scientific knowledge we perform slow distillation to produce high quality alcoholic drinks that represent their Cycladic origin. Desalinated seawater is used throughout the production process.

About Makryonitis Syros Distillery

The logo

The logo of the distillery refers to goat and the god Pan with hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat. He used to be the protector of Syros Island during the Hellenistic period. This is proved with the fact that on ancient (300-200 b.C) coins of the island there is the goat on one side and god Pan on the other. The emblematicalness of the goat derives from the significance of the goat for the survival of the people on the dry and windy land of the Aegean Islands from the ancient years until now.

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* […] The most ancient coins provide testimony that the island’s patron god in antiquity was Pan, and the symbols for the island were the ibex and the ear of corn, as evidenced by these coins […]

** […] the bearded head with horns… these symbolised mainly agricultural life; the horned head is undoubtedly Pan’s […]

(Timoleon D. Ambelas, Istoria tis Nisou Syrou apo ton archaiotaton chronon mechri ton kath’imas [The History of Syros Island from Antiquity to the Present], Ermoupoli, Syros, 1874, p. 107, 173)