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Grape pomace’s distillate from Cycladic grape varieties Assyrtiko, Serfiotiko and Monemvasia. Pomace is collected from small vineries on the Cycladic islands. We ferment the pomace slowly and controlled under low temperature in order to maintain their primary aromas.

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Fresh fig spirit

It is a pioneer and elegant spirit with discreet fig aroma, which is given from 100% fresh figs, Maronia, Gaitania and Loumbardika, all collected one by one by hand on August from Syros Island.

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Fine double distilled tsipouro with local herbs and spices. It is inspired by traditional Cycladic recipes. It has herbal character and delicate aromas of mastic and citrus fruit.

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Our distillery operates an outlet on its premises where you can purchase our products after tasting them and learning about the distillery’s operation.

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